The sound of pain after dusk pevkon

By | April 6, 2021

The sound of pain after dusk pevkon

The evening, covered with the shawl of melancholy, descends on the being as if the thirst of the water is quenched by the river towards the land, sometimes it is not understood why the being is persuaded by questions, in strange times there are withered souls, from their bodies. They are helpless, they may be dying of loneliness, but peace is available only in a pile of thoughts in loneliness.

There is a strange nod, the eyes feel like this festival but the desolation of the heart has its effects in the moments of the night. The voice the instrument the melody tell such pains that it is impossible to explain even the books on their white clothes, if you want to decorate the mascara then go to know the interpretation of the pain “D” Don’t forget to come to.

When one descends into the charm of the night, the stories of pain become clear, the moon shining in the veil of the night, is a support for the darkness, which ordinary people like us who are unable to understand.
The question arises, why are secrets hidden in the night?

Sir! At night, she tears her collar in the morning and asks the doorstep of pain in the darkness of the night.
The doorbell rings and someone calls for a destination, so let’s travel, the boat is lying on the shore, O Anas … let’s sit in the boat of your demand.

At night the light of the moon keeps sighing and crying for the hand, some hearts fall asleep in anxiety, some spend the whole night in thoughts in a state of anxiety, some spread these thoughts in colors and some sing them in
And some fall asleep of negligence!

The sighs and cries continue throughout the night in the moonlight.
Some souls take pain as medicine, some color pain in life There is only “pain” which is directly proportional to the soul. This honor does not have “happiness”. Why Because it is the medicine that makes man feel humanity, it is the agent that bestows discovery on man, it helps man to clothe his torn humanity in his chest, it brings man closer to God. He plays the role of catalyst, introduces his conscience in the clear waters of the mind and when man’s conscience testifies in his favor, man is at peace wherever he is.

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