From makeup to makeover pevkon

By | April 4, 2021

From makeup to makeover pevkon

Has anyone ever wondered what make-up is called in Urdu? Even if someone else knew it, I did not know it. That is why I did so much effort and research to find make-up in Urdu. According to the investigation, different people had different views. For example:
Someone said, what a stupid question. Make-up is called make-up and what?
Some called it red powder, some called it mascara, some wise people explained the meaning of garland and make-up.

By the way, if we look at make-up, the two English words “make” which means to make and “up” which means above. If the meaning of the term is also touched upon, the same meaning emerges, for example; To further refine, decorate, beautify the shapes created by Allah Almighty and so on and so forth.

In the beginning, make-up was only meant to beautify the face. The most important ingredients were red, powder, mascara, toothbrush. But with the passage of time, it became a makeover from make-up. In the fields of facial, face polish, threading, upper lip, body wax, manicure, pedicure, etc. etc. Apart from this, the hair and nail industries are also separate. And the tools used in this work are unlimited. The good thing is that make-up is a business with the most experts in the world. Women and men have an equal share in the work in this field. And we are so fond of doing make-up.

It is said that in the old days people used to carry swords and dried meat in their luggage. Just like today’s women headline which is called lipstick in modern words and they must keep the mirror in their purse. While traveling in the bus, a woman vomited. Her poor husband, after so much struggle, disposed of the contents of the house through shoppers. Shortly afterwards, when I saw her, she was startled. She was applying lipstick all over.
I look at him and smile and he stares at me angrily, as if he regrets the possible decrease in the frequency of his beauty.

It is interesting to look at women’s make-up-faced faces carefully or if they are asked about it, then they feel insulted in the glory of their make-up and they become a whirlwind of fire. Give it a try For example, if you tell any woman, this lipstick (headline) does not suit you (does not look good), even if you are truthful. You will get a quick answer immediately.


Someone will say, “Honha! You have grown up, student of Musarrat Misbah“. Someone will answer: “Taste of ginger to be made a monkey”. Or someone will say, “Lahool walaqut,” A long time ago. I used to teach in a private school. One morning a woman who was teaching with me was rubbing garlic on her nails. I just asked her what is the benefit of it. She immediately became angry and said, “You don’t do anything yourself. Do you know what people do here? I unknowingly asked another question to the poor thing.” So what do people do?

She just burst out, then went out screaming. She just didn’t talk to me as long as I was there. Besides, I also associated you with women’s make-up. Let me tell you one more thing about Valhana hobby. Once we went for teacher training, the teacher who taught us there asked one by one if you can find the lamp of Aladin and What will be the desire of one of you to fulfill one of your desires?

You know what the girl who raised her hand first answered. “I’ll tell her to steal all the good make-up products for me from the big stores in town.” Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh! This is a work in progress.

Well, I think it’s a matter of pleasure as well as concern that make-up has become so ingrained in our lives that it has become necessary even though it is unnecessary. Whether this hobby is innocent or vain, give us benefit or harm, We have become slaves to the desire to look good. This desire is growing towards us so intensely that in the future, scientists may consider air, water, light as well as make-up as the fourth thing for life.

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