Corona virus conspiracy or epidemic: surrounded by suspicion pevkon

By | April 3, 2021

Corona virus conspiracy or epidemic: surrounded by suspicion pevkon

Dear Readers Today marks the one year anniversary of the Conspiracy Coronavirus. Today is his birthday. This virus has become very intelligent as it has become glorious. It is still made by rich people and big families and even when it was born, big families were made by rich people and those who run the government. And as time goes by, he is getting faster he is not even taking the name of believing and the special thing is that the management makes him very good … he is the greatest of the time. Is bound His alliance with the administration is so strong that he goes out at the time fixed by the administration as the administration has decided at present that there will be curfew in such and such area from 9 pm to 9 am. So Karuna Sahib also comes to the market at the same time and targets the people who are walking outside. I think Karuna may take the lead in obedience.

And the technique of killing it is so dangerous that even martial arts people in Japan and China are worried about how to deal with it but the big political leaders, movie stars and rich people in our country are worried about it. He did a great job of playing the drums and drums for which he should probably get the Nobel Prize because he had found a very rare way to save humanity but he got angry at this move of the blind devotees. The eardrums of his ears were about to explode because the blind devotees had done such a thing that just don’t ask Someone was playing with the dough of the house, then someone was taking out the tins of his house. He was playing the instrument. The limit was reached when the blind devotees started playing their own blind devotees and began to blind them.

What can I say about Baba who is going to do Karuna? While mixing the raga in his raga, the Indians sang this raga so much that even the foreigners started trying to oust Karuna by saying “Go Karuna Go“.

But he was aware of where the coronavirus was. Believing it to be hot water, different types of decoctions, expensive sanitizers and not knowing what drinks and household tips to use, he persisted in his stubbornness.

It seems that Karuna has become like the actors of Indian TV serials. Even after his death, he suddenly comes back to life. This is happening because the purpose for which he was created is still working. The rest is

Dear readers, the process of enforcing lockdown and curfew is beyond comprehension. There will be a curfew between 9 pm and 8 am. No one will come out. It is a strange thing I don’t understand at what time Karuna comes out When does he feel hungry for human beings Does he only roam in Muslim areas or Then he also sees the brothers of the homeland This is a great tragedy¬† Has he told the administration the time to leave at 8 o’clock at night? Will he die during the day due to sunlight and its heat? He will be burnt, so he does not go out during the day.

If there really is a disease called Karuna, will she come from time to time and tell the time Karuna has come under suspicion due to the actions of the administration. People are now openly saying that Karuna has really become political.

Where there are secular minded people in the government, Karuna secretly enters the mosques of those areas and where there are people with yogi mentality, Karuna tries to enter only the mosques. And it works to eliminate people.

We are not saying that there really is no such thing as coronary heart disease. Yes, of course, but the questions that cast doubt on this corona are really worth thinking about, and the administration needs to give concrete answers, not answers.

I think Karuna is only afraid of BJP and elections. Because in a country where the BJP is in power and where elections are taking place, Karuna has done well and he goes straight to Israel and as soon as the elections are over he comes back. Because the remote that controls Karuna is in Israel, isn’t it? Now you see, except for Bengal and Madhya Pradesh, where elections are going to be held, Karuna will have a heart attack and he will die and disappear like there. Karuna did not come.

Apart from good BJP and elections, Karuna is also afraid of cricket because in Gujarat and other states of the country where cricket matches are being played, Karuna has been paralyzed. The lame Lola has become blind and deaf. Sorry sorry sorry

As I have said before, Karuna has become so stubborn and stubborn that he does not even mention going. He has not decided to marry the old virgins of BJP and RSS. He will run away if he has such an intention then maybe good days will never come with everyone and everyone’s development is only going to happen in dreams but one day the drama of Karuna It is about to end lies do not last long and future generations will surely read in history how people were fooled in the name of Karuna their lives were toyed with People’s faith was bought out of fear. How a delusion and a fear killed people.

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